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Reliable Plus is proud to be part of the Lube-Tech family of businesses, providing you with the highest quality vehicle wash equipment, parts, chemicals, and service. From site design and installation to maintenance and supplies, Reliable Plus is your dedicated vehicle wash partner.

We are one of the largest distributors of car wash equipment and supplies in the nation, working with in-bay automatic, tunnel, self-serve, heavy-duty, and specialty washes. Proudly serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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Reliable Plus Capabilities
Promise to Each Other
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Our Values

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We Work Safely

We own safety. We make it personal. We put the safety of our families above all else.

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We Do What’s Right

We never compromise our integrity and take responsibility for all we do.

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We Love What We Do

We work hard, bring out the best in each other, and have fun.

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We Build Relationships

We work together to build personal relationships that make tomorrow a little bit better than today.

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We Think Differently

We use our diverse expertise and passion for innovation to create the new and different.

Reliable Plus is your go-to partner for car wash excellence. From equipment to installation to chemicals to preventive maintenance and hands-on service, we help your maximize uptime, solve your biggest challenges, and keep your wash running smoothly. We promise to bring you:

We leverage our industry expertise, strategic equipment partnerships and broad chemical offering to creatively design and install your entire wash bay in a unique way that enhances your customer’s experience.

We offer the industry’s best selection of premium equipment and chemical brands customized to your business.

Our team is empowered to bring you solutions that result in strategic, long-lasting relationships.

We are highly responsive and care deeply about making sure you get the consistent, immediate service you expect. If you call, we’ll be there.

At Reliable Plus, giving back to our communities is woven into the fabric of who we are. Together, through our contributions and volunteer efforts, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of others and making a positive impact. Working together. Giving together. Serving together. Improving lives together. It’s who we are.

We support causes that inspire servant leadership and make tomorrow a little bit better than today.

We care deeply about improving life experiences, driving academic success, and conserving & enhancing the environment.

We inspire our teams to contribute their time and donations to causes that align with their passions and life experience.

At the core of every successful company, you’ll find a great team. Our team is truly a family and the heart and soul of this company. Together, we create an environment where you can love what you do and be your best every day as you write yourself into the Reliable Plus story. We promise to:

We care about each other, and it’s a top priority to ensure we all go home to our families without an incident.

We look for greatness in everyone, listen to every voice, and find ways to bring out the best in each other.

We trust each other and create a place where everyone matters and can make a difference.

Who we serve

Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers

Give your dealership car wash a competitive advantage.

At Reliable Plus, we know dealerships typically run more vehicles than the average car wash. A quality car wash system can increase your uptime, customer satisfaction, and overall visual appearance on your lot. Let us be your trusted car wash partner from design and installation to chemicals and service. 

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Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores

Keeping you convenient.

With the fast-paced environment of a convenience store, the last thing on your mind is car wash maintenance. Reliable Plus brings you some of the most dependable equipment on the market, a vast network of service technicians available seven days a week, and a chemical keep-full program to ensure you never run out of product.

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Retail Car Wash

Retail Car Wash

Turn your car wash into a destination.

Reliable Plus offers a broad equipment portfolio to find the best wash for your unique business ideas. You know your local market, and what specialties might appeal to them. Wash options for ATVs, boats, dually trucks, or even a pet wash can help you capture a niche market and increase profits. Our experts are here to guide the way.

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Heavy-Duty Equipment & Fleets

Heavy-Duty Equipment & Fleets

Heavy wash power. Low wash maintenance.

Cleaner trucks and equipment not only give a better visual impression, they have less corrosion and are easier to maintain. Our vehicle wash experts work with you to design the best wash for your equipment size with a wide variety of customizations available. These fully automated commercial truck washes are made in the USA and designed for simple operation.

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Government & Municipalities

Government & Municipalities

Custom built wash equipment made in the USA.

We know you need a municipal fleet wash that is effective and efficient. Cleaner vehicles not only give a better visual impression, they have less corrosion and are easier to maintain. The vehicle wash experts at Reliable Plus work to design a high quality, low maintenance, fully automated heavy-duty truck wash to that is customized to meet the needs of your municipal fleet.

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Public Transit

Public Transit

Unique wash systems for buses, trains, & rails.

At Reliable Plus, we know you need custom-sized vehicle wash solutions for large buses, trains, or light rails. Our team of experts can assist you with designing, building, and maintaining a wash with an assortment of custom features to fit your vehicle need. These fully automated commercial washes are made in the USA and designed for simple operation.

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Request Parts & Chemicals

Need to order parts or chemicals? Our fully stocked warehouses throughout the upper Midwest provide quick access to the products you need. Our technicians travel in stocked vans, so we’ll already have any standard parts when we arrive.

Request Service

Does your vehicle wash need service? Our team of experts will assess your needs and dispatch the closest available technician to get you back up and running. Reliable Plus service technicians are available seven days a week to increase your uptime and profits.

Ready to Build Your Wash?

Let Reliable Plus take your car wash idea and bring it to life! Whether you are looking for a car wash, a heavy-duty vehicle wash, or even a pet wash, we are your dedicated partner that will manage your project from concept & design, installation, chemicals, service and beyond.