Your Tunnel Wash Partner

Whether you plan to operate a 120-foot fully attended cleaning tunnel or a mini tunnel at a convenience store, Reliable Plus has the expertise to offer you a custom-built tunnel wash system designed for high volume and customer satisfaction.

Custom Designed Tunnel Washes

Looking to build a new wash system, or refresh your current model?

Reliable Plus is proud to carry tunnel wash solutions from Sonny’s, Tommy’s Express, and AVW. We work together with the manufacturers on customizing drawings and site analysis to ensure we build the best wash system to fit your property.

Attended or unattended units, flat belt conveyor technology, and chain & dolly pull-thru options are just some of the ideas we can build into to your new tunnel wash system. Custom built wash systems include:

  • Systems over 100 feet
  • Systems under 100 feet
  • Mini Tunnels
  • Drive-Thru Tunnels
  • Express Polishing Tunnels

Solutions for Tunnel Washes


Our high-quality vehicle wash equipment, expert pre-planning, site inspections, and project management keep your wash on track and on time start to finish. We pride ourselves on bringing years of experience and unsurpassed technical knowledge to the success if your car wash.


Many of our top-of-the-line detergents and chemical solutions are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Our products are highly concentrated to last longer and maximize value. Fast break down after rinsing, reduced clean-up cost, and cleaner drains & sumps means your business saves money.


Reliable Plus services over 1,000+ car wash sites annually. Our professional service technicians are available seven days a week and cruise in fully stocked vehicles to reduce repair times. Our periodic maintenance packages ensure your equipment continues working at peak performance.

Ready to get your car wash project started? We're here to help.

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Request Parts & Chemicals

Need to order parts or chemicals? Our fully stocked warehouses throughout the upper Midwest provide quick access to the products you need. Our technicians travel in stocked vans, so we’ll already have any standard parts when we arrive.

Request Service

Does your vehicle wash need service? Our team of experts will assess your needs and dispatch the closest available technician to get you back up and running. Reliable Plus service technicians are available seven days a week to increase your uptime and profits.

Ready to Build Your Wash?

Let Reliable Plus take your car wash idea and bring it to life! Whether you are looking for a car wash, a heavy-duty vehicle wash, or even a pet wash, we are your dedicated partner that will manage your project from concept & design, installation, chemicals, service and beyond.