Water Treatment Equipment to Maximize the quality of your wash

Water treatment equipment in your car wash helps protect your customers’ cars from scratching, etching, and water spots. Additionally, it also protects your equipment by preventing clogged or tarnished plumbing and faucets. Reliable Plus supplies, installs, and services a wide variety of water treatment equipment to fit your vehicle wash needs.

IMprove water quality & pressure

Water is key when it comes to a car wash.

Reliable Plus is proud to distribute American-made water treatment equipment from Velocity Water Works to help make your wash the best it can be and increase your revenue. Even better, we service all the equipment we sell and install, so you can rest assured that if you have down equipment, we will be there to get you up and running.


Using a water softener at your car wash has many benefits. Your detergents will not spend all their energy on the water and will instead focus on the surfaces of the vehicle. Soft water also prevents build up on bay walls, pipes, and windows.


If you have low water pressure at your site, a re-pressurization system can help you achieve a constant water pressure within your wash. Proper water pressure ensures dirt and excess chemicals are thoroughly rinsed from each vehicle.


A reverse osmosis system removes nearly all the contaminants from the water. The most common application for these units is for a spot-free rinse cycle. Water treated by a reverse osmosis system also helps reduce vehicle dry time.


When it comes to owning a car wash, water and sewer expenses are usually high on the expense list. Water recycling via a reclamation system can help drastically reduce the amount of water used by your business and help promote sustainability.

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